Town House "d" (€ 27,000)

Old  detached "tower house" in the village.

"Tower-house" semi detached at the center of the village with entrances  from the lower and upper  level; it consists of  three overlapping rooms possibly connected  with small internal stairs, the roof is new in reinforced concrete. The upper room has entrance on the main street with a large iron modular door and has a single large room with window / balcony overview, because of the very high sloped roof may build a loft. The intermediate room has a unique room with vaulted ceiling and window. The local bottom is a long vaulted cellar reinforced with stone arch and a deep niche in the rock, connected by steep staircase to the upper room. The facade facing the valley is completely of stone. Free parking  nearby. Energy Class G, EPI > 800 kWh sqm yearly (provisional).