About us 

We are owners in Roccacasale AQ (IT) interested in getting in touch with foreign or italian customers looking for a property in one of the most beautiful villages of Abruzzo. We are available for visits and tour. With the possible support of Real Estate Agencies we can give assistance and consultancy in all phases of discussion and the eventual purchase. Negotiations are directly or with the involvement of Agents. In case of necessity of restoration of properties, we can encourage interaction with offices, technical experts and local Firms of proven ability and experience in building renovations.

Direct sales by Owners or through Agencies (HouseAroundItaly, HousesOfItaly,......)

The houses offered for sale in the site are mostly in local stone, and belong to the type of construction rural/peasant of the first half of the ' 900; generally in the historic center, often overlook the valley offering superb views. The houses are new, restored or be restored retaining many original features such as stone or brick portals, balconies, roof coverings with old tiles and sometimes traditional fireplaces. The partial or complete restorations have always respected the recovery plans and followed the prescribed rules for restorations and energy saving. The Properties are regularly registred in the Public Inventory, generally in category A2-A/3-A/4 and almost always relate to a single owner. 

All those attracted by the inner Abruzzo looking for a housing solution or an investment not too onerous, even if only for holidays, out of context of the city, immersed in the tranquillity and beauty of the places, surrounded by history, art, culture, traditions and especially by the friendliness of the people.