Lands of Peligni, operational union of five Municipalities.

RAIANO - Become operating the Union of Municipalities "Terre Peligni". The Towns of Corfinio, Prezza, Raiano, Roccacasale and Vittorito, in their respective municipal councils have approved the memorandum and articles of association of the new entity that will have legal personality and will make a full part of the system of Italian Local Autonomies. The Union represents the completion of a journey that began for years, which has led to greater collaboration between the towns of Terre Peligni.
This tool does not delete the Municipalities, but will boost cooperation between local autonomies and efficiency of services. The Union promotes the enhancement and socio-economic development of the territories that make up the Local Authorities; also promotes the integration of the Municipalities that make up and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the functions and services provided to the citizens in the entire territory, including through the optimization of financial resources, human and material.
The municipalities of Corfinio, Raiano, Prezza, Roccacasale and Vittorito give to the Union the following functions: One Stop Shop for Productive Activities, Civil Protection; Social services; Municipal police and local administrative police; Unique central purchasing; Tourism and local marketing. The mayors of the five Towns also consider "strategic create uniformity through new forms of association." Please note that the five municipalities have long since begun to jointly develop design proposals for their territories, under different funding, which PIT, Territorial Pact, Fas. The Directors declare themselves "satisfied with the work done so far; they are convinced, however, that there is still much to do. It 'was put up a Union that will be important for Municipalities, if all those who work it will do well together. The ultimate goal is to retain the services and also improve their quality, without spending more, increasing the political weight of this part of the territory. With this tool the five Towns try to recover over the government and the development of territory, becoming a subject that can harmonize with provincial and regional development; better for these institutions if the interlocutors have organized ".
(free translation of the original article)     (January 07, 2016)